Yur Circle for Sara

Please join Yur Circle as we cheer on Sara, her family and families like hers who benefit from organizations such as FEAT which provides education, advocacy and support for those living with Autism.  

You may join our team and walk with us on the 21st (We will have a great time! Register by April 8th and you also get a T-shirt ) or donate via our fundraising page.  Either way, please share this info so that we can help to reach our fundraising goal and support Sara and this great organization.

Sara is an amazing 7 year old girl who is smart, funny, and brave. She has many loves which include books, music and swimming.... she also has autism! Her brain may be wired differently than most, but she’s learning and growing and finding her way in a world that autism complicates for her. She’s learning to mitigate the challenges that her autism presents by leveraging the strengths that it also offers. Skills are coming together as she collects the tools that she needs make this world work for her. Oh, and her circle of family, therapists and friends are getting better at helping her to do all of that, which is pretty nifty too.

As our team comes together to participate in the FEAT Walk 2018, please keep in mind that we all have different needs, that some of us need a little (or a lot) more accommodation, time, empathy and creative thinking than are currently allotted to us. Be aware that not being able to express oneself in words does not ever, ever mean having nothing to say. We’re all in this together. We have to help each other, serve each other, create and care for a safety net that never, ever lets anyone fall through the cracks.

This event raises critically needed funds for Families for Early Autism Treatment - FEAT, celebrating 25 years of providing free education, advocacy and support for local families living with autism. Thank you for your willingness to donate and to help in spreading the word that actions really do speak louder!

Funds raised: $540 of $750


Thank you donors
Tammy Peterson : $25
Paul Kenny : $150